Some of our products come with a warranty. To claim the warranty, first check if your product is eligible by reviewing our warranty policy below. If it is covered, bring the product to one of our branches and we will honor the warranty.

Display Warranty policy for online :

  • No warranty on any display/screen
  • ডিসপ্লে লাগানোর আগে ডিসপ্লে কোনো প্রকার পলি কাগজ না ছিড়ে বা না খুলে ডিসপ্লে ভাল করে পরীক্ষা করতে হবে যদি কোনো ত্রূটি পাওয়া যায় তাহলে ডিসপ্লে না লাগিয়ে Etel এর সাথে যোগাযোগ করতে হবে। ডিসপ্লেতে কোনো প্রকার ঘাম বা আঠা লাগালে ওয়ারেন্টি থাকবেনা। ডিসপ্লের অরজিনাল কালার বা টাচ ঠিক মতো কাজ করে কিনা শত ভাগ নিশ্চিত হয়ে ডিসপ্লে লাগাবেন।ডিসপ্লে লাগানোর পরে ডিসপ্লে কখনো চেঞ্জ বা ওয়ারেন্টি হবে না.

Display Warranty Policy for Shop (Warranty only for some selected model Original display)

The display warranty does not cover accidental damage, broken screens, black/white screens, color lines, dead pixels, or liquid damage.

NB: Warranty is only available for customers who have replaced it through our Etel experts. 

Battery Warranty Policy

The battery warranty does not cover liquid damage, short circuits, or battery health issues. We will provide a warranty if you are dissatisfied with the battery backup time.

Product Warranty Policy

The product warranty does not cover for the following reasons:

  • Without valid receipt/invoice and original packaging
  • Physical damage such as broken parts, liquid damage, scratches, or visible spots
  • In some cases, warranty claims may take 7-30 days for processing
  • If service is needed for any product, time should be provided for service work. Service time might vary depending on the product. It might take a few days to 2 weeks.
  • The warranty will be void immediately if the product gets modified or serviced by anyone else other than Etel

Repair Warranty Policy

If an issue reoccurs within 30 days of a repair done by us, we will fix it again free of charge. If we are unable to fix the issue after multiple attempts, we will provide a full refund of the repair fees paid.